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King. The condemned person had no say in the matter: the court-authorized operation was forcible. That is to say, he/she should be treated as a "human" not as a "living thing". Hitler ignored whatever criticisms there were - and they were few - and proceeded with a shrewd programming of indoctrinating health professionals with Nazi racial ideology. They distrust the constitutional, legal and voting protections that countries like the United States, thesis submission uf Canada, and Britain, have enacted over centuries to prevent such horrors.

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Is an Austrian Documentar y Film that shows the Euthanasia program in the third Reich, in Germany.
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Could it happen again? It is one of the worst lessons of history that the world ignored this book containing Hitler's crazed predictions, even when he took power. Craftily, the Nazis waited for this brain-washing to sink. By way of parenthesis, "mercy killing" means to kill the patients by doctor's or family's leniency. Legalised euthanasia will violate the rights of vulnerable patients. Most religions disapprove of euthanasia.

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