piet mondrian neoplasticism essay

classic Metropolis. Translation of original published in De Stijl, XII, 6/7. His imaginative and dramatic experiments with space, form, structure, and ornament fascinate the visitor to Barcelona. Wright alone avoided the rectilinear geometry of these office buildings. Neo-Plastic artists viewed interior and furniture thesis statement for bullying persuasive essay design as part of the totality of the creation of space. In 1917 the cooperation of these artists, together with the poet Anthony Kok, resulted in the founding of De Stijl. In music, De Stijl was an influence only on the work of composer Jakob van Domselaer, a close friend of Mondrian. Yves Saint Laurent, Mondrian Collection dresses by Yves Saint Laurent, shown with a Mondrian painting (1966) Fashion designers have also felt the influence of Neo-Plasticism.

With these constraints, his art allows only primary colours and non-colours, only squares and rectangles, only straight and horizontal or vertical lines. I hurt my ankles on the bits that stick out. Several programming languages are named after Mondrian, and, since the 1970s, a number of musical groups, including Silverchairs, The Apples in Stereo, and the White Stripes have had album covers in the Neo-Plastic style. A modern architecture exhibit in the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, in 1932, recorded by the architectural historian Henry-Russell Hitchcock and the architect Philip Johnson in the book International Style; Architecture Since 1922, familiarized Americans with the International Style. "This 100-Year-Old Dutch Movement Shaped Web Design Today". Buckminster Fuller, and the startling Constructivist apartment house, Habitat 67, by the Israeli Moshe Safdie, in association with David, Barott, and Boulva, whose 158 precast-concrete apartment units were hoisted into place and post-tensioned to permit dramatic cantilevers and terraces. The cloth mill at Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire (181213 is more convincing as an iron-frame building. The English artist, Keith Milow, in made a series of paintings based upon Mondrian's work. Archived from the original.