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However, Consequently, Finally, In conclusion, What you've done in completing these statements is written a very rough reaction/response paper. Falsifying information on an official document such as a grade report, letter of permission, drop/add form, ID card or other college document. This procedure, in its entirety, can be found in Appendix E of the Hunter College Undergraduate Catalog, and. Prereq: chem 22300 and chem 37600 or chem 64000 5 hrs (4 lab, 1 rec). Topic Sentence detail - example "tion -detail - example -"tion - detail - example -"tion - detail - example "tion Summary Sentence You can structure your dnervous details for essays paragraphs in two ways: Author You OR Author in contrast to You The conclusion can. Prereq: chem 22400 4 hrs (3 lec, 1 rec). Prewriting for Your Reaction Paper, the following statements could be used in a reaction/response paper. Prereq: chem 24900, math 15500, phys 12100 3 hrs. Make sure the last sentence of each paragraph leads into the next paragraph.

GER 2/E, in-depth introduction to stoichiometric calculations, atomic and molecular structure and chemical bonding. Develop your ideas by adding examples,"tions, and details to your paragraphs. Prereq: chem 35200, math 25000 3 hrs. Finally, it can be a prediction of the effects of what you're reacting. Chem 22500 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory II GER 3/B Continuation of chem 22300. Sentence 2, 3, and sometimes 4 : These sentences give a brief summary of what you read (nutshell sentence 5 : This sentence is your thesis statement.

You agree, disagree, identify, or evaluate. Offered fall chem 35600 - Physical Chemistry II - S GER 3/B Selected topics from quantum chemistry, molecular structure, and spectroscopy. Cloud State University,.

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