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the assignment. Example, junk food is bad for your health is not a debatable thesis. You may have heard of something called a thesis. Developing a Thesis, before you write a thesis statement, it is important to spend time reading academic articles to gather general background information about the issue. Understanding and critically weighing others ideas will guide you towards developing a clear, logical and convincing thesis statement. Individuals convicted of murder will go to hell when they die is not an argumentative thesis because its support rests on religious beliefs or values rather than evidence. More information and practice with thesis statements: ml Now do the interactive activities on the right. Evidence Based, an argumentative thesis must be able to be supported by evidence.

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The first point to remember then is that thesis statements must provide room for disagreement and debate. A thesis statement succinctly summarizes the main point of an essay. The Chilean reform example provides evidence that land distribution is an essential component of both the improvement of peasant conditions and the development of a democratic society. Since a thesis is so important, its probably a good idea to look at some tips on how to put together a strong one. You probably should aim for a single sentence that is at least two lines, or about 30 to 40 words long. An argumentative thesis. Students usually end up using different terminology than simply because, but having a template is always helpful to get the creative juices flowing. This is weak because it would be very difficult to build a persuasive argument that drinking too much alcohol would not cause health problems: most people (and doctors) already agree that it would.

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