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pain, and treat many minor ailments. Although a seemingly leftist idea, frederick douglass an american slave essay the act of legalizing and levying taxes on marijuana would help reduce the budget deficit and create job opportunities for many people. Lucido about his knowledge on medical marijuana Ive noticed some pros and cons. Although the results of marijuana as a medicine have been seen, and they are remarkable results, people still fear of what this plant can and cant. Although marijuana can affect your lungs it can benefit someone way more than it can hurt them. Medical marijuana has: been deemed relatively safe by trusted medical professionals, proven not likely to create crime, and has great potential for a revenue source. This contorted perception of a lazy and unmotivated America is the logic behind keeping marijuana unattainable to our citizens. A common argument today is why marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes. For several decades now, many youngsters have believed that smoking marijuana is no big dealit simply helps to stave off stress and to have fun.

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It was used to soothe malaria and constipation in many Asian countries including India and China (Ashton). However, rare medical cannabis research studies show that marijuana alleviates pain from a plethora of debilitating mary warren essay diseases. Drug Enforcement Administration defines Marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance. By 1931, more than half of the United States had outlawed the plant. tags: Pro Medical Marijuana Benefits Powerful Essays 2050 words (5.9 pages) Preview - There is no doubt that alcohol is Americas most popular and prominent drug. tags: Medical Marijuana Powerful Essays 1709 words (4.9 pages) Preview - Also known as California Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 made headlines around the country as the first law ever to change the legality of medical marijuana for public consumption statewide. Many other states have recognised the benefits of legalizing medicinal marijuana. Just as important of a medical issue as glaucoma, More than 300,000 Americans have multiple sclerosis, in which the body attacks myelin, the sheath that insulates nerve fibers. There are many benefits of medical marijuana, but also a few hazards. Prescription painkillers also cause extreme withdrawal symptoms if stopped abruptly, as soon as 6 to 12 hours after stopping the medication if not titrated off it (Vicodin Addiction and Treatment).

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