research paper on women empowerment through education

critical understanding of ones reality, the psychological or feeling of self-esteem, the political or awareness of power inequalities and the ability to organize and mobilize and the economic or the capacity to generate independent income (Datta Kornberg 2002). Know how education contributes to women empowerment. Abstract The present paper focuses on the gender disparities in education which are an obstacle in gender equity and the empowerment of women.

PhD Scholar, University of Calcutta Abstract: Women empowerment is a debatable matter. When referring to primary and secondary schooling, empowerment should enable girls to develop the knowledge and skills to nullify and counter sexual stereotypes and conceptions of masculinity and femininity that limit the social potential of women (Parpart, Rai Staudt 2002). Even if the focus is on a smaller case, qualitative research usually unearths a very big amount of information from the respondent.

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An increase in schooling, triggered by the program, had an impact on women's attitudes towards matters that impact women's health and on attitudes regarding violence against women. The Constitution of India grants equality to women in various fields of life. Education is the key to the empowerment of women. Swami Vivekananda The most significant and longest social movement continuing is movement for emancipation of women. The other two political and economic will most likely have to wait until they are adults. The objective of this paper is to draw attention to male-female education patterns, differential education and the impact of it on women and to suggest alternatives to combat the existing gender bias practices in education. Finally, it examines the probable role of women in the context of the. Gender Disparities in Education: an Obstacle in the Empowerment of Women Essay.gender disparities IN education : AN obstacle IN THE empowerment OF women By Asst. Hence, it is needed to increase womens access to education and to eliminate gender disparities.

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research paper on women empowerment through education