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Thevenon. Wrapping things up, here are my seventeen favorite forays into the video essay by some of my favorite editors, without ranking or criticism, given to you so that you can look back on 2017 as the year where you discovered something: A History of Flatulence. Perhaps for those reasons, my list of favorites share devotional essays on commitment two significant qualities. Each year it becomes more necessary to crowdsource this task, for in the words of notable video essayist David Verdeure / Filmscalpel, "It has become impossible to keep up with all video essays that are made, with the form proliferating in both academic and film. V7vfqkvwW2fs Chloé Galibert-Lané, video essayist - Right Now Then Wrong - Kevin. Los Olvidados / Lazarus - Catherine Grant For the way it connects cinematic art and pop culture, and for being an instantaneous, almost instinctive audiovisual response to Bowie's death. It's 100 pages on what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a dslr. 100 Years/100 Shots by Jacob. Perry Horton, Film School Rejects I watched literally hundreds of video essays, montages, mash-ups, compilations, and supercuts in 2016, and I feel this year the work turned personal for a lot of essayists, challenged as they were by external factors including copyright issues, an ever-crowding.

The best film analyses you should be watching.
Here at FSR, I watched literally hundreds of video essays, montages, mash-ups, compilations.
Has the video essay become a victim of its own success?
These digi tally produced, critical (or at times, not-so-critical) reworkings of film and.

It uses film analysis to reach interesting conclusions about the current state of cinema and media. Takashi Miikes Audition by Jessica McGoff for its critical concision - The Semantics of Adventurelands Mixtape by Adrian Martin and Cristina Alvarez Lopez for its critical compilation - A Homeless Ghost: The Moving Camera and Its Analogies by Patrick Keating for its communication of historical. As with last year, we polled esteemed video essay creators, scholars, programmers, and devoted followers of the form to highlight the best video essays of the year. The Radical Beauty of Tangerine - LJ Frezza Tangerine gets the essay-treatment it so richly deserves with this beautifully crafted video "on creating beauty from a position of marginalization and limited means." - Carnival of Souls : The Art of Herk Harvey - Philip. She's a friend and a collaborator and I think everyone should seek out all the work she's done for Fandor, Konbini, Cinefilos. Leaving all of these aside, here's a list of my favorite thirteen makers this year, and their best one or two videos (in my opinion. . Mindhunter vs the Real Serial Killer 2017 End of Year Countdown, the Opening Moments of Doug Liman. David Verdeure/Filmscalpel - Sound Unseen: The Acousmatic Jeanne Dielman and Regarding the Pain of Jeanne Dielman. . Philip Brubaker comparing, evil Dead and, raising Arizona with one particular cinematographic technique shared between Sam Raimi and the Coens. Holy Motors: Man Without a Movie Camera - Kyle Kallgren (Brows Held High) The best of what I call the "Filmsplaining" strain of video essays (you know, the ones where a dude talks at you for several minutes about how movies work this one does. The Shot Similarities of Raising Arizona and Evil Dead. Daniel Clarkson Fisher, filmmaker and video essayist - Wake Up: Spike Lee's Vital 'Chi-Raq - Passionate and personal in ways that are rare for video essays, this resplendently made specimen has really stayed with.

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