goulish criticism essay

I consider how our physical derive coincided with the discussion wed had, or how â perhaps â we had, in an intuitive and accidental way, managed to negotiate the past and the present at once. I think that the appearance of animals in the book, that I mentioned above, brings with it two modes of discourse; one, that we can talk about animals as a veiled way of talking about the human (the ctenophore as a life and two, that. What is the point of that negotiation? Failure is certainly inherently tied to the mortality of my intentions. By vocabulary, I mean the ways you would embody and express movement in performance as a group. I wanted to use the bookâs last moment to draw attention to that unobtrusive thread â call it ecology.

From what Ive seen of your work, you dont focus on a linear narrative; I feel like theres an action whereby you pull something interior (or thats how it reads to me) and expose it to create a different kind of crisis/disruption. Goulish similarly weaves multiple threads together like a tapestry and by their accumulated resonance creates an impression of loss and longing. Its been a long war, and a multiple war. Are they fixed, or always in motion? Can a performance follow an essay form, and retrace a minds journey through a question? Hers was a directorial observation of pure scale of how long the introduction could last in relation to the other parts, and at what point people stopped listening. MG: I am happiest when I write as if there is no difference. Something came into focus when I read that note âI suddenly realized how present other life forms were in the book, from the pets abandoned in Katrina, to monarch butterflies, to ctenephore (what in some ways feels to me like an A-list star of the.

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The Brightest Thing in the World is a collection of essays that touch on seating strategies, Dick Cheney, cuckoo clocks, the Fibonacci series, butterflies and old friends. The work lives at that edge. Let me say it this way. All the contributions have an experimental or improvisational edge that preserves a sense of the critical encounter. Rings of Saturn, the reader passes through an associative experience and the colors of each facet are bright and vivid â perhaps like the leaves in fall on a misty morning.