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t so easy him to hire her. However Elizabeth gave up on getting married years before. Divorces were extremely difficult for a woman if she wanted the divorce. And a woman couldn t fight or say anything protecting her or children that would therefore make her improper. In October relationship between teacher and student essay in telugu 1832, the Blackwells settled in a house in New York. Elizabeth was left in a dreamlike state of mind, she never talked much nor did half the things she had used. For a long time the Blackwell's ran a sugar business. Her strength and beliefs conquered her fear. Women were given little education and were not allowed to hold important positions.

Elizabeth Blackwell Essay, Research Paper, elizabeth Blackwell, elizabeth Blackwell was a great woman. Even though it became acceptable for the United States for women to attend college, it was still a major struggle for Elizabeth to get into a Medical college. At this time no medical school had ever accepted a female student, in fact no women had ever been except into college. Elizabeth helped all that came to her for help. As a young lady, Elizabeth Blackwell was similar to other women her age. Elizabeth did just that and at last got a contract stating that she ll be granted to enter the institution and that she would be assigned a position by the chief resident physician. There being very little money left Elizabeth structured a family meeting. She made it possible for other women in the world to work toward having a career. Elizabeth never let the comments bother her. Emily figured that her stay in New York would prepare her for her journey to England.

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