an unsung hero essay

is difficult. But as he was ambitious, I slew him, yet this vehement desire Shakespeare loathed was the exact inner drive that forced one of his most famous characters into desolation. A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. These are the people that God hand-picked and they put their faith in Him. What is so special about a hero. Heroes are no exception to human nature; all people tend to act differently in public than in private. Each person has his own personal idea of what a hero. My point is, it was ultimately Odysseus's skill in this area that kept him alive and allowed him to be successful.

Free Essay : Unsung Hero Defining the word hero is difficult.
The dictionary states that a hero is any person admired for courage, nobility, or exploits.
For most people, the definition of hero is left to interpretation.

It was an exuberant smile-one that showed a research methodology paper ugc man who was at peace. Not only Jessica, but also many other American soldiers fighting abroad are called heroes. The list states the following - the tragic hero must cause his own down fall; the tragic hero's fate is undeserved; the tragic hero's punishment exceeds his crime; the tragic hero must be a great and noble person according to the standards of the current. The definition of hero, according to Merriam Webster, is a person who is admired for brave or great acts or fine qualities. Thus, what defines one from one's fellow human beings is not the trials themselves, but how one overcomes the challenges along the journey, as well as the psychological and physical lessons one learns from the actions. However, to be able to be called a hero, one must go through change. In history, a hero is a person who fights to achieve honor, and in ancient Greek history, heroes could be male or female. The character of Shakespeares Macbeth is in all ways the perfect example of a tragic hero. Romeo and Juliet, is probably the most famous of his tragic plays, but Othello, has characteristics that, I think make it even more tragic than his other plays, and therefore for that reason, you can say that Othello is the most tragic hero.