scottish essayist

18551905 poet and biographer Nan Shepherd (18931981 novelist and poet Sara Sheridan (b. (See definitions, line 4, 1 st stanza.). 1962 poet John Jamieson (17591838 philologist, antiquary and United Secession Church minister Robert Jamieson (c. (line 1; 4 iambs.). 1967 children's writer and cartoonist Simon Farquhar (living playwright Alison Fell (b. 1960 comic book writer and playwright. 1971 novelist and musician Annie Shepherd Swan (awa David Lyall and Mrs Burnet-Smith, 18591943 romantic novelist John Swinton (18291901 Scottish-American journalist, newspaper publisher and orator Reay Tannahill (19292007 historian and novelist Robert Tannahill (17741810 poet Alasdair and Hettie Tayler ( historians Rachel Annand Taylor (18761960. 1710 poet (in Gaelic) John Longmuir (18031883 poet and minister of the Free Church of Scotland William Laughton Lorimer (18851967 scholar and Bible translator (in Scots) Nick Lowe (b.

1954 science fiction writer Nicholas McLeod (fl. See definitions for iambic, iamb, syllables, and meter,.4. 1954 poet, artist and filmmaker Anne Dick (d. 1959 co-author with John Barrowman, and Professor of English and Director of Creative Studies in Writing Meg Bateman (b. 1 Grades 3 and. 1955 poet William Robertson (17211793 historian and Church of Scotland minister Michael Scott Rohan (b. 15601609 poet Anna Hume (fl. 1979 novelist William Thom (17991848 poet (in Scots) Thomas the Rhymer (also known as Thomas Learmonth,. 1947 playwright and poet, Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off John Gibson Lockhart (17941854 biographer and editor John Logan (17481788 historian and poet Iain Lom (c. 1944 poet, novelist and essayist (in English and Glasgow patter ) John Lesley (15271596 historian and RC bishop David Lindsay (18761945 SF writer, A Voyage to Arcturus Frederic Lindsay (b. Oxfords first professor of, english literature in 1904.

Remember, the Scottish Writers Centre celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and to commemorate this landmark were putting together an anthology! If you want a chance. Scottish essayist, novelist, poet. A Child s Garden Of Verses.