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Natural History of that Country. And furthermore, That Our Subjects of this Our said Kingdom of England, and other our Dominions, may be the rather encouraged to undertake this Expedition, with ready and chearful Minds; Know Ye, That We, of Our especial Grace, certain Knowledge and meer Motion, do give. The Land held rich and good; in many Places there were great Quantities of Marble. As we went up the River, we heard a great Noise, as if two Parties were engag'd against each other, seeming exactly like small Shot. They Page 121 are most like Rats of any thing. As for Spavins, Splints, and Ring-Bones, they are here never met withal, as I can learn. The Indian was brought out in his Fetters, where were the Governor's Family, and several others of the Neighbourhood, now living, to see this Experiment; which he perform'd thus: Conjuring for stoln Goods. It is very odd, that News should sly so swiftly among these People. We accepted of Two Wheaten Biskets, and a little Ammunition.

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At Night we were laid in the King's Cabin, where the Queen and the old Squah pig'd in with us: The former was very much disfigur'd with Tettars, and very reserv'd, which disappointed our fellow Traveller in his Intrigues. But it happen'd, that, one day, as his Wife and he were commiserating his miserable Condition, and that he could not expect to recover, but look'd for Death very speedily, and condoling the Misery he should leave his Wife and Family in, since all his. Monday the 23d, we went, with our Long-Boat well victuall'd and mann'd, up Hilton's River; and when we came three Leagues, or thereabouts, up the same, we found this and Green's River to come into one, and so continu'd for four or five Leagues, which. They have learnt several Vices of the Europeans, but not one Vertue, as I know. About Three a Clock, we reach'd the Town, and the Indians presently brought us good fat Bear, and Venison, which was very acceptable at that time. He never devours Men in Carolina, but uses all ways to avoid them, yet he kills Swine and Dogs, the former as they come to seed in the Marshes, the others as they swim over the Creeks and Waters. Moreover, I have remark'd, that it is only those Places bordering on the Ocean and great Rivers, that this Distemper is frequent in, and only on and near the same Places this Evergreen is to be found; and none up towards the Mountains, where these. Yet I know one Man who made his Escape from them, tho' they had thus disabled him, as you may see in my Journal.

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