ethics meaning essay

consistent, otherwise that company would not be able to exist. What gives human life meaning? This system has basically been put in place so that people know how to act right and maintain peace and harmony in the society. Also known as deontological ethics, these ethics categorize behaviors and acts as being right or wrong. In other words, a persons ethical values define his character. Advertisements: Kants theory provides us a non-conserentialist approach to ethics.

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Ethics related to a professional.g., a manager of a factory are known asprofessional ethics. For Deutsche Banks merger with Bankers Trust premium paid was 42 over the market price. Every industry has its own ethical guidelines, and a business should make sure that they follow these standards. (c ethics give management credibility with employees : The management automatically gets credibility with its employees when it has credit with the public. The theory provides a ground that any business decision which is taken after discussion in an open-minded manner that will be morally acceptable. However, certain events in a persons life may change his beliefs and he may imbibe different values based on the same. Unfortunately they do not always go hand in hand. Virtue Ethics : This category relates ethics with a persons personal behaviour. Applied Ethics : This category analyses the norms set about the way a person is supposed to or rather allowed to behave in a given situation. A person possessing high ethical values is the one who conforms to the ethical norms set by the society without questioning them.

Ethics meaning essay
ethics meaning essay

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