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Punjab and all throughout the world where there is a significant Sikh population. Special prayer meetings are organized in the gurdwaras. After that, community lunch (guru ka langar) is organized for the people in the community hall. baisakhi Festival history of Baisakhi legends of Baisakhi baisakhi Day customs and Traditions significance of Baisakhi harvest Festival baisakhi Celebrations when is Baisakhi? Not only for Sikhs it is the festival of harvest but it also symbolises unity of the Sikh community. People of Punjab celebrate the festival of Baisakhi with exuberance and devotion. Baisakhi on various occasions is also referred to as Vaisakhi and is mostly celebrated on 13 April of April every year and is also occasionally celebrated on 14th of April. Date of Baisakhi, baisakhi Festival falls on the first day of Vaisakh month (April-May) according to Nanakshahi or Sikh Calendar. For the Sikh community, Baisakhi Festival has tremendous religious significance as it was on a Baisakhi Day in 1699, that Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru laid the foundation of Panth Khalsa-the Order of the Pure Ones. Baisakhi Essay provides us with a colourful picture of how the festival is celebrated and what importance does it hold in one's life. It is the time to harvest the Rabi crops. Joyful people of Punjab celebrate Baisakhi with exuberance and gaiety.

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Everyday farming scenes of sowing, harvesting, winnowing and gathering of crops are expressed through zestful movements of the body to the accompaniment of ballads and dhol music. For the farmers in the rural areas, this festival is the time to enjoy their fruits. Baisakhi ยป About Baisakhi, baisakhi is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in the vibrant state of Punjab to mark the harvest of Rabi crops. Highpoint of Baisakhi celebrations is the performance of the traditional Bhangra and Gidda dance and the special langar served at Gurudwaras. Its one of the most sought after festivals of the Punjab and people enthusiastically wait for this day. The tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, established the foundation of the 'Order of the Pure Ones' (Panth Khalsa) in 1699 on a particular Vaisakhi Day.

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