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ephemeral, the fugitive, the contingent, for nothing is more changeable than fashion. . The working methods of the artist were traditional in that he looked, he saw, he scribbled and then, using his memory, completed his thought later in a sketch-like record. As widely traveled as the poet was provincial, Guys had spent years as a reporter and an war correspondence for the. Under the direction of no one, Guys simply sketched what he saw. .

With much of his inheritance squandered, Baudelaire turned to journalism, especially art and literary criticism, the first of which were "Les Salons". Reaching back to Friedrich Schiller, perhaps, Baudelaire compares the artistic condition of Guys to be that of childhood, suggesting that the illustrator was an instinctive artist, from whom images simply flow, without hierarchy and without restraint. . The idea of the passive observer who merely records, the demand that that watcher react quickly to what the photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, would call the decisive moment, looks forward to the Impressionist artists who were much less cynical and sophisticated than the art writer. . The Painter of Modern Life made sense of what Manet had done to artmade painting modern. Baudelaire died, apparently from complications of syphilis, on August 31, 1867, in Paris.

He was born on April 9, 1821, to Joseph-Francois Baudelaire and Caroline Archimbaut Dufays in Paris. The publication of the article coincided with the infamous Salon des Réfusés and the debut of Édouard Manet as an artist of scandal. . La femme est ainsi subordonnée à un rôle de muse inspiratrice, le monde à un spectacle dont on s'extrait, autrui à un miroir qui n'a de valeur que s'il réfléchit bien nos émotions, et vibre à l'unisson de nous. Baudelaire dit à mon avis des choses très justes sur ce qu'est la création: l'importance d'avoir des yeux, d'tre curieux, capable d'tre ému et transporté, capable d'enregistrer et d'assimiler les émotions consciemment ressenties. Though he continued to write journalism with some success, he became increasingly depressed and pessimistic. It is known that his only relationship was with a prostitute, but that kind of connection was not uncommon, in an age where marriage was often a financial alliance. . The female, in contrast to the male, is described, not in terms of character or psychology, but as a spectacle: She is a kind of idol, stupid perhaps, but dazzling and bewitching. C'est un texte poignant, juste, et féroce.

The prostitute is a free and liberated woman, from the poets perspective and thus wears modernity as cosmetics and fashion, proclaiming the artificial. . the crowd is his element, Baudelaire said, the lover of universal life enters into the crowd as though it were an immense reservoir of electric energy. . Not food or another necessity, but an artificial desire for a non-necessity drove the economy. . Illustrated London News, was actually written in 1860 and would not be published until 1863 in installment form. Dandyism, the poet said, borders upon the spiritual and stoicalDandyism is the last spark of heroism amid decadenceDandyism is a sunset; like the declining daystar, it is glorious, without heat and full of melancholy. . Docs, books, blogger, hangouts, notizen, google Collections, noch mehr von Google. Here he discovered the work of Edgar Allan Poe, which became an influence on his own poetry. First, there is the dandy. . L'homme de génie et la mélancolie. After an abortive trip to the East, he settled in Paris and lived on an inheritance from his much despised step father, while he wrote poetry.

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