i need help with my high school essay

lines of your transcript might have four English classes, the next four lines would list math classes, and so forth. Whether they can overcome Ds is doubtful. A community college can be a great opportunity to repair the damage done by performing poorly in your high school years.

The first section of the transcript, usually placed at the top of the page, focuses. Ultimately, I believe that youll find homeschooling through high school a time of encouragement and blessing for your entire family. I made it and graduated. Consequently, low grades dont have to be the death knell of your application. I think I earned maybe 3 credits in my 3 or so years of being there. Remember: What counts is whether your student took the class, not when he or she took.

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Second, go back and make class names more descriptive. What you need to do most is figure out how to get the help you need to raise your grades. Ask how you can succeed. I dont know what I want to go to college for, but I need to put myself on a path to success. You may have learning disabilities that are holding you back and not even know. I would have failed the 8th grade for my second time last year, but my dad knew some people. Lets consider your grades first. My dream is to study photography at UC Santa Barbara. Ill bet there. Or maybe you play the flute. Instead of jumping the gun and immersing yourself in numerous activities, take a moment to think about where your passions lie. To figure out if an online school is something that may work for you, first, you have to do your research!

i need help with my high school essay

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In most cases, the particular high school you attended isnt of any concern to an employer.
They just want to know if you graduated or not.