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the book, Ferguson presents a hypothetical version of Europe being, under Imperial German domination, a peaceful, prosperous, democratic continent, without ideologies like communism or fascism. 68 69 In a mixed review of a later book by Ferguson, The War of the World: Historys Age of Hatred, a reviewer for The Economist described how many regard Ferguson's two books on the Rothschilds "as one of the finest studies of its kind.". Lewis and Clark: A Scientific Journey A middle-grade lesson plan. For additional information, see Dred Scott v Stanford. Also, see The Civil War, for a middle-grade unit using trade books.

The New York Times Book Review named War of the World one of the 100 Notable Books of the Year in 2006, while the International Herald Tribune called it "one of the most intriguing attempts by an historian to explain man's inhumanity to man ". A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from edsitement. 76 Ferguson is critical of what he calls the "self-flagellation" that he says characterises modern European thought. The rulers of western Africa prior to the European empires were not running some kind of scout camp. 10 Bennett's character "Irwin" gives the impression that "an entire career can be built on the trick of contrariness." 10 Bibliography edit This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding. "Conversation with Niall Ferguson: Being a Historian".