how to fix passive voice in an essay

the goal is clarity and boldness, not link) ambiguity or lengthy contemplation. It depends on what the author wishes to emphasize. . The playing of children and the parking of bicycles or baby carriages in the stairwell are strictly forbidden. In passive voice, instead of an agent performing an action - as in active voice - the action happens (often mysteriously) to the agent. O (Object) the person, place or thing which is affected by an event or action. The storm is performing the action of stranding you. The following reformulation of the sentence is far likelier to make sense to a reader: Requiring the business side of the house to bear the cost of proposals discourages staffers from submitting frivolous proposals, encourages managers to give priority to the most promising suggestions, and.

How to Fix Passive Voice - wikiHow How to Change the Passive Voice to Active Voice The Passive Voice: What Is It, and is it Bad to Use The Passive Voice (das Passiv) - Dartmouth College

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They require additional thought. . Health insurers want to supply your medicines from other countries by mail! Reflexive: with some verbs, there is an English equivalent, without the reflexive, but usually not: Der Wagen repariert sich leicht. Remove the 'to be' verb, and. You are being observed. So the sentence becomes 'The scientific group discovered a large asteroid heading towards Earth.'. Then, once you've determined the sentence is passive (if it's active, leave it alone. He was given another chance. My friends gave me a present. First, ask yourself: What is the action in the sentence? She wanted to be admired.