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enjoyed hearing your view points, which get even better each year. Worst still, some of them deviate from the standard and can only communicate with components from the same manufacturer. With this information, organizations and consumers can finally make informed purchasing decisions when it comes the security of their products, and measurably realize more hardened environments. The goal of the project is to provide an embedded multi-architectural emulation capability to complement IDA Pro's multi-architectural disassembly capability to enhance the versatility of one of the most common reverse engineering tools in use today. For the first time, a peek at the Cyber Independent Testing Labs metrics, methodologies, and preliminary results from assessing the software quality and inherent vulnerability in over 100,000 binary applications on Windows, Linux, and OS X will be revealed. He employs natural language processing and computer vision techniques in order to develop predictive models for combating threats emanating from social media. Bigezy currently works as a cyber security researcher at a place where these things are done. Francois Charbonneau is a embedded security researcher who spent the better part of his career working for the Canadian government until he got lost and wondered into New York City. In the main part of the talk we will give a rather practical insight into the (in-)security features of basestations.

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Prior to joining darpa,. We look at the simplest form of neural networks, then explore how variations such as convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks can be used to solve real problems with an unreasonable effectiveness. Nate has.A. Walker has participated in various roles in numerous applied computer security competitions. For example: "Knock, Knock. .

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