apple corporate social responsibility essay

organizations. In addition, CSR helps organizations hire and retail highly qualified employees. This is because CSR helps improve the company's image, and productivity of the employees (Parker, 2005). The iPod helped revolutionize the music industry. Employees usually work for long hours for very little pay. The CSR agenda has a close relationship with international development. Inside Foxconn's Factory: Report Exposes Conditions At Apple Manufacturer. CSR and Corporate Social Reporting, the great number of scholars, who have since the 1970s (Fenn, Ackerman analyzed the complex issue of Corporate Social Responsibility and the advantage of reporting on a wider scale, have given the possibility to evaluate social performance (Levis, 2006). The studies of these researchers enabled interesting insights such as how CSR is being managed, the potential barriers to successful implementation of CSR practices within domestic places into operation among multinational corporations. Sustainability reports show Apples and its suppliers sustainability efforts with regard to recycling and facilities management (Kramer, 2012).

All Answers ltd, 'Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR (m, October 2018) p?vref1 accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. (Quazi and OBrien 2000) pic, fig.2 Stakeholder Map, Sourced From: Show More. Bieniaszewska in the paper The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Oil Companys Expansion into New Territories. Apple also sources from various Asian countries mainly China. The company helped revolutionize the computer industry with the Mac. Apple also ensures that its suppliers engage in sustainable activities. Foxconn, one of Apples major manufacturers, recently had a breakout of suicides amongst their workers because the working conditions were so awful. Apple ensures that its products have minimal packaging.

apple corporate social responsibility essay

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However, the CSR discussion traditionally revolved around the multinational companies operating in developing countries. The well known multinational companies like Nestle, Nike, KFC, Apple iPod and many others will be examined for their irresponsible and unethical behaviour in developing countries such as China, Indonesia, India, Southeast Asia and Africa. Because of time constraints, secondary data can be obtained very quickly, in addition they have better quality standards in comparison with collecting own data (Stewart and Kamins, 1993). The field of Corporate Social Responsibility can be divided into several parts; definitions of CSR, analysis of CSR approaches, CSR in supply chain, CSR in developed countries as well as in developing ones, the link between CSR and globalization and last, but not least the. Also can also credit some of their successes to the mergers and acquisitions they have attained over the course of their time in business. Issues such as unsafe working conditions, unfair payment, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, toxic emissions and the hazardous pollution of water and soil have all raised fair allegations by consumers, non-governmental organizations and the larger society.

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