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by two block squarejust about the size of Madison Square Garden (this works in length and width, but the brain would be about double the height of MSG). The human neocortex had been thinking about things for a long timeand he finally had someone to talk about it all with. Though groups of scientists like the "Arctic Methane Emergency Group" (ameg) are calling for "emergency wartime scale geoengineering to avert planetary catastrophe available data indicates that the very geoengineering programs (that ameg is selling as a cure for the unfolding climate collapse are more likely a major. The top strip of the frontal lobe is your primary motor cortex. The amazing thing is that over time, the rats got better at this and began to work together, almost like a single nervous systemeven though neither had any idea the other rat existed. As weve discussed before, knowledge works like a tree. Let me paint it for you. The same patents that describe dispersing this aluminum from jets for the expressed purpose of blocking the sun which is exactly what we see aircraft "trails" doing in our skies day in and day out, creating artificial cloud cover and haze which blocks direct sunlight. Manipulation Of The Jet Stream And The Shredding Of The Atmosphere Is this really possible? In one video I saw, a woman with numbed fingers tried to light a match, and it was almost impossible for her to do it, despite having no other disabilities.

Thats why smelling salts are used to wake up a passed-out person. (Or, more accurately, when Gutenberg was born, humanity had already figured out the first 95 of how to invent the printing press, and Gutenberg, with that knowledge as his starting point, invented the last.) (Oh, also, Gutenberg didnt invent the printing press, the Chinese. Because of when we happened to be born, instead of just living in a normal world like normal people, were living inside of a thriller movie. Former US Forest Service Biologist Francis Mangles has confirmed the alarming heavy metal contamination with his own testing. Then early humans invented the technology of language, transforming vocal cords and ears into the worlds first communication devices and air as the first communication medium.

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The jellyfish was the first animal to figure out that nerves were an obvious thing to make sure you had, and it had the worlds first nervous systema nerve net. Wispy, dingy, cob web like upper level "clouds" are are not natural and are another hallmark of spraying, as are "silvery white" skies. Based on available data, there are a number of known objectives including but not limited to solar radiation management (SRM weather warfare, over the horizon radar enhancement, controlling food production, and probable biological testing. But its not just about the speed of communication. Your car (or whatever people use for transportation at that point) will pull up to your house and your mind will open the car door. 7 The cerebellum The odd-looking thing that looks like your brains scrotum is your cerebellum (Latin for little brain which makes sure you stay a balanced, coordinated, and normal-moving person. If you could take the cortex off the brain, youd end up with a 2mm-thick sheet with an area of 2,000-2,400cm2about the size of a 48cm x 48cm (19in x 19in) square. Just like I bet this would have seemed utterly inconceivable to people at the time of this: And yet, there it is in your pocket.

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