ethics in criminal justice research paper

at a federal prisbon in Colorado, was convicted of having sexual relations with a prison inmate (Hughes, 2002). Supreme Court refused to hear the case on appeal; thus, the decision to give Burdine a new trial was upheld. This is because, to varying degrees, court personnel such as prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges have discretionary powers. Carl would be a bit shocked because he wouldn? This is because, as in virtually every other occupation, criminal justice officials also engage in unethical behaviors during the course of their 8-hour shifts. For instance, numerous hospitals in the Unified States have Ethics submit tees that regularly incorporate introduction for essay about social media agents of the church as individuals, and when moral issues are talked about in the media, religious representatives are frequently welcomed to remark on them. Just as no act can be absolutely selfless (e.g., even charity gives self-satisfaction no selfish act can bring ultimate happiness to the doer. This gives rise to the police subculture in which loyalty is the code of honor and the blue wall of secrecy is maintained. Happiness is measured by Benthams pleasure pain principle or the hedonistic calculus, whereby pleasure is sought and pain avoided (Albanese, 2008; Pollock, 2007).

Those doing the research must embrace confidentiality at all times, regardless of who may think the need to know extends past the researcher and the participant (Fobbs, 2011). The focus is on relationships, the needs of the victims, and on reintegrating offenders into society after they have accepted responsibility for their actions.

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While some acts may not be illegal, these acts can certainly be unethical, and that would be enough to remove the offender from the community that the individual was associated with. In fact, virtually every country has had at least one type of instance in which police officers have acted unprofessionally (Reichel, 2002). Prosecutors exercise a why students should have less homework great deal of discretion as they decide which cases should go to trial and which should be dismissed. An action will be judged by the total amount of pleasure or happiness that will be created as opposed to the total amount of pain or unhappiness that will be created (Close Meier, 2003). New York: Human Rights Watch. Most research could just be as minor as interviewing certain individuals for certain demographical research, such as updating crime stats. It is more the appearance of impropriety than an actual unethical action of a judge that creates concerns (Barua, in press). I also believe that my God is a forgiving God and that I should be in his likeness. Conclusion Based on social contract theory, criminal justice professionals have been given a certain authority and power by the government, as its agents, to protect the inhabitants within a particular jurisdiction in exchange for a few liberties given up by these residents.