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can increase the quantity of products ordered from the supplier, which will result in higher profits gained from low prices. Consumers mostly fall for the trick because the interest and curiosity that the improved product drives are irresistible. Igor Ansoff first devised and published The Ansoff Matrix in the. Businesses aim to generate more sales volume by increasing the number of products purchased by putting on lower prices (price competition) for consumers comparing to the alternative goods.

The four big emerging markets are Brazil, Russia, India and China as they were the fastest to recover after the 2008/2009 economic crisis. When you offer better prices than your competitors, luring out their customers becomes easier that previously expected. Penetration pricing edit Penetration pricing is a marketing technique which used to gain market share by selling a new product for a price that is significantly lower than its competitors.

Retrieved,., Dong,., Dresner, M (2013). In an emerging market edit A model was theorized for critical essays on shakespeare hamlet market penetration by Yan Dong, Martin Dresner and Chaodong Han. Disadvantages of Market Penetration Strategy, unmet Production Costs. Poor Company Image If your company has several product lines (that includes a luxury line then using market penetration strategy might be harmful. Emerging markets are susceptible to large companies and are sought after by globalized businesses due to the increase in disposable income the average person will have and weak local competitors. Combat Competitors, one of the best parts of the market penetration strategy is combating your competitors. For instance, when a firm aims to increase sales, lowering prices is an effective tactic to attract potential customers. Journal of Political Economy, 118(6 11511199. Lowering prices and most forms of advertising are done to promote market penetration. A brand's penetration share, in contrast to penetration rate, is determined by comparing that brand's customer population to the number of customers for its category in the relevant market as a whole.

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