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communication. Social networks are no longer just a place of communication of a large number of people its games, videos, trading platforms and marketing tools. PLM2002 Wri4ng and Publishing Contents Page. Consequently the Internet can described as an open source, free posting, decentralized broadcasting, serendipitous interaction, purpose oriented communication, and shared creation that find their expression on the Internet. All Answers ltd, 'Impact Of New Media On Internal Communications Media Essay' (m, October 2018) p?vref1 accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard.

The news was presented in a calm and unbiased manor by actual professionals in the. 2.3 Blogging and Micro-blogging, ehrlich and Shami (2010) examine the use of micro-blogging in the workplace and find that confidentiality issues separate micro-blogging inside the workplace and outside the workplace. Rooksby et al (2009) state that social capital is difficult to quantify; it is also difficult to identify its exact influence on the productivity of an organisation.

Sometimes people do not even notice how captivating events happening online spend hours on the Internet. They explain that internally new media technologies are often used to locate the person who would know the answer to a question, rather than to find the answer to the question itself. Without this, new media alone would not have been able to effect any change. Holtz (2006) points out that any technology that becomes a commonly used tool on the Internet will find its ways onto Intranets.

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Social media, social networks get more and more exposure. The main disadvantage of using wikis that was identified is that it was difficult to find relevant and up to date information. When we solve any. Articles are now created in a how to buy a car essay digital way which allows the writer to save a lot of time when proof reading and adjusting parts of their work. Idcem1001, word Count - 2076, new Media is cutting edge technology which combines five different concepts which are Digitally, Interactivity, Hypertextuality, Dispersal and Virtuality. Within corporate environments, it can be seen that organisations that have a relatively flat structure generally employ new media to a greater extent than those that have a rigid and bureaucratic structure. Social networks play an important role for a modern person. It allowed for the free sharing of information as well as ideas. One of the reasons for this could be that as the economy becomes more and more knowledge based, the answers that are sought could be implicit knowledge and not codified. Hence in conclusion, it has been noted that the new media of the past is the old media of today.

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