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Leno that "We don't have a domestic spying program." He made the comment during a taping of Leno's TV show. . 190 In Mexico, Obama spoke to students, encouraging them to take responsibility for their futures. 21 The round-trip commute from the Robinsons' South Side home to the Near West Side, where the school was located, took three hours. Reporting her travel to Denver, Colorado, David Lightman wrote that while Democrats did not want President Obama to campaign for them, "the first lady is very popular". Carney was asked about former Vice President Dick Cheney's op-ed in The Wall Street Journal criticizing the President for golfing instead of paying attention to world affairs.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin lamented what he described as President Obama's profound indifference toward the wars raging overseas, declaring that "the world is on fire, and this man doesn't seem to care!". And he did look rather runty in the presence of Kellogg, a towering former NBA and Big Ten star forward. . Improv not his thing. .

The free-spending left has always been known for its firm belief in free lunches and general economic illiteracy. . A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach. . In Barry's bizzaro world, reality in and of itself doesn't matter. 271 In June, while attending the wwdc in Silicon Valley, California, Obama called for tech companies to add women for the diversifying of their ranks. Rothenberg, Stuart (August 17, 2010). Because if he had,. . Crabtree, Susan (June 22, 2015). As CNN reported, also on March 22, Brennan advises the Illinois Democrat on foreign policy and intelligence issues. President Obama disappeared abruptly without the press pool after spending Sunday 7/5/2015 golfing at Andrews Air Force Base. . President Obama signed a two-week extension of highway funding Friday 11/20/2015 using a so-called autopen, controversial technology that reproduces the president's signature. . 93 Early in the campaign, she told anecdotes about the Obama family life; however, as the press began to emphasize her sarcasm, she toned it down.

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