thesis on weed management in transplanted rice

acknowledge Department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture,.B.P.U.A T, Pantnagar for giving the opportunity to conduct the research work and also UGC for providing the financial support. Based on the 2 years studies, it can be concluded that transplanting of 10 days seedlings with modified SRI followed by 4CW produced higher yields but both these practices increased the cost of cultivation, whereas PE 2CW resulted in highest net return and benefit cost ratio. Thiyagarajan TM, Velu V, Ramaswamy S, Durgadevi D, Govindarajan K, Priyadarshini (2002) Effects of SRI practices on hybrid rice performance in Tamil Nadu, India.

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Philipp J Sci 138(2 219226 Google Scholar. Despite these advantages, the adoption of unpuddle transplanting system is highly constrained as uf thesis dissertation stylw the crop faces severe weed infestation. In Assessments of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI Proceedings of an International Conference, Sanya, China Google Scholar. Dactylon by 85-93 over weedy plots. Sc thesis submitted. In the publication, we concentrated the main research gap and presented the results elaborately to make understand the readers. Though some partial suppression could create on those weeds by the standing water of the field, season-long effective weed control need to be taken for better crop growth and yield. In this state use of N fertilizer is very low (15.1 kg/ha) as against 106.9 kg/ha in Punjab and.2 kg/ha national average. For this system, the land is made ready for transplanting by one pass strip tillage (or without tillage) followed by inundation of the land for 48 hours to make the land sufficiently soft for transplanting. Therefore, puddling for rice transplanting should be avoided as it has adverse effects on the succeeding upland crops. Krishna A, Biradarpatil NK, Manjappa K, Channappagoudar BB (2008) Evaluaton of system of rice intensification cultivation, seedling age and spacing on seed yield and quality in Samba Masuhri (BPT-5204) rice. PhD thesis thesis, cskhpkv Palampur.

Indian Farming 54(8 1821 (special issue). Moreover, hand weeding might have exposed many buried weed seeds to solar radiation resulting in breaking seed dormancy which may increase weed seedling emergence in some cases. Sustainable weed management for unpuddled transplanted rice.

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