how to cite macbeth quotes in an essay

no page numbers on the electronic source, use only the author name or the first main word of the title. For example: (Shakespeare, 2010,.3.14-17). One of the chapters, written by Amy Sickels, is entitled "The Critical Reception.

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If you are unfamiliar with this language, you run the risk of not using the" correctly. This can be problematic when you are citing a classical work such as a Shakespearean play, because classical works are published in so many different formats that page numbers become meaningless. Attribution, no formal Shakespeare" is complete without its attribution. Be sure to italicize the name of the play. In case you have to use a specific long passage, it is better to paraphrase the". You can also find more information on how to use"tions in essays).

For example, you may write a citation from Macbeth as, A good example of foreshadowing. Italicize the titles of the plays Macbeth (for the play Macbeth (for the cha racter). If two or three lines, include the" within your text but use the forward. You can make your essays interesting by adding a famous", and there is nobody better than a Shakespeare to"! ALL Fair is foul, and foul is fair; Hover through the fog and filthy air.