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supporting argument; see The essay misreads some textual evidence; see The essay contains factual errors; see The. As discussed in the assignment, a critical part of your argument is exploring a counterargument. Ask questions to point out something thats missing or to suggest improvements. Sexist Language: This is almost always a problem with undergraduate papers. The combination of what I thought an abysmally low grade and margins drenched in the red of electronic comments felt as though academic open season had been declared on me personally. For comparative essays, the grounds of comparison between texts are clear. Finally, dont use s/heas a neutral pronoun. At each stage, however, ask yourself how does this support my argument? But this doesnt mean youll make all of the same points or use all of the same examples in the very same way. More often than not when they use it they at least qualify it in some way (e.g. Given the nature of the assignment, thats great.

It is highly unlikely that any of you will proveanything one way or the other. A broadside is good in the brainstorming stage; but then pick out the one or two points that you think are most relevant or promising, and then develop them as best you can. Approximately one to three comments per page will be enough.

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Instead, write a sentence or two of pre- and a sentence or two of post-argument context, and take a page to carefully, explicitly set out the argument. Doing so is an important way to highlight your overall argument and make the paper cohere. For more detailed advice about writing comments on papers, see. For example, how important are punctuation and spelling? Supporting points are too general and need to become more concrete. Instead, give clear reasons to support your position; build a case for your reader. See also the English 255 Marking Scheme, which outlines grading criteria with which the above comments are consistent, but is more generally applicable to writing across the curriculum. The point of articulating the philosophers argument is to help you in writing your paper and arguing your ideas. Perhaps you think that a philosopher is largely correct in her views, but that shes a little off on an important issue.

Specifically, dont simply use manto represent humanity or heevery time you need a neutral pronoun. Spelling : The essay needs closer proofreading Edit for recurring spelling errors,.g.:. Write as many comments on good work as on bad work. Likewise, avoid trite opening lines generic or obvious statements that usually say little more than.

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