pte essay list 2017

today. What do you mean by this? Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic English language test exam for people who wanted to study in abroad. Positive and negative effects of the information revolution through mass media. Some developing countries invite large multinational companies to open offices and factories in order to help their economy. Many men and women are making the decision to have children later in life. General linguistic range: Does your response use language that precisely conveys your ideas? World history suggests that violence and conflict were more evident under male leadership than under female leadership.

PTE, academic Exam, essays 2017 : (With Model Answers)

pte essay list 2017

However, some people believe that these ideas are not helpful in preparing younger generations for modern life. Do you agree with this statement? In this post, I am going to paste the most repeated essay topics. The appropriateness of the details, examples and explanations used to support your point of view is also scored. What does colonial america essays in political and social development he mean by that? In many parts of the world today there is a profitable market for products which lighten or whiten peoples skin. Marriage Before Studies: Numerous disadvantages Greater problem when dependent on parents Tension Paying tuition fee Time constraint on newlyweds Balance time at home, adjust new-life, academics Organize everything Often left with no time Less time on personal growth College life restrict parties, functions, relationships Drop. Discuss both views and state your opinion. Then indicate which you prefer and why?

Learning English at school is often seen as more important than learning local languages. Some people prefer to play team sports, while other prefer to play individual sports. Throughout the history, people dream to build a perfect society while they havent agreed how the ideal society would be like. Discuss both views and state your own opinion. How important is it to maintain old buildings? The newspaper is no longer a need in the modern society.

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