racial profiling essay prompt

most highly charged? A more critical figure, the number of incidents based upon closer matches to the profile and still yielding no drugs or contraband, has not yet been quantified. The montessori maths essays court then concluded that the only remaining variable was the drivers race, which was inadmissible. What is the rhetorical purpose of each section? The Flagship Cases Three cases exposed the police application of the drug courier profile concept to scrutiny. They are defended by rules and expectations of conduct by agents of the state that do not allow random selection for the purposes of testing.

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racial profiling essay prompt

16, activity 10: analyzing stylistic choices, words What does the term racial profiling bring to mind for you? Focus on individual words and sentences rather than the overall meaning. Racial profiling is immoral and does not increase ib extended essay german public safety. Facts, statistics, statements from authorities, personal stories, and examples)? Why does the author talk about the reasons New York police stop people? Assessment, your job is to teach others what you have learned about racial profiling.

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