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visit, with a few exceptions, is entirely tracked, although they don't use that word anymore. It's a funny thing. Is money really the answer? I would encourage the present drive for site-based management to increase local school autonomy. What we ought to do ultimately is get rid of the property tax completely as the primary means of funding public education, because it is inherently unjust. Before we deal with an affluent child's existential angst, let's deal with the kid in Chicago who has not had a permanent teacher for the past five years. But critics of our schools are saying that there are schools that have all kinds of equipment and materials and resources but where the academic curriculum isn't very good, where kids aren't learning that much. All they need to do is go out and see schools where there are 16 children in a class with one very experienced teacher. There is also a very large toxic waste incinerator, as well as a huge sewage treatment plant. I'm not implying that most of our school superintendents are incompetent, and I'm certainly not implying that inefficiency is the major problem in the public school system.

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She's a very religious Jewish woman. What is it that got you involved in public schoolsand fighting injustice? It's a radical movement and it's very powerful. It's one of the great, great scandals of American education. The problem is not that we don't know what works. Louis, Missouri between 19He observed both schools with the lowest per capita spending on students and the highest per capita spending, ranging from 3,000 in New Jersey to 15,000 in Long Island, New York. Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol, in Savage Inequalities, Jonathan Kozol documents the devastating inequalities in American schools, focusing on public educations savage inequalities between affluent districts and poor districts. What would make a significant difference? What are your opinions about these solutions to problems of inequity? That's why I chose. It's tracking, by whatever name, and I regret that very much. To use the local property tax as even a portion of school funding is unjust because it will always benefit the children of the most privileged people.