declaration authorship thesis

thesis declaration certifies that the thesis is your work, has been completed during the course of your degree, and does not breach any ethical rules with regard to the conduct of the research. Word limits PhD theses may not exceed 100 000 words but you are encouraged to prepare theses of no more than 80 000 words. The School offers courses and lectures on a comprehensive area of topics in business and economics. Make sure you are aware of the latest regulations on citations! However, if a footnote or endnote provides additional bibliographic information about a citation in the main text then it is not included in the word count. Other languages besides these two must be approved by thesis advisors. You can easily browse to the page you need by using the link. This gives you the flexibility to format your thesis to fit your discipline and project needs. . If the word limits are not exceeded, the length of the thesis is at your discretion, taking into account the advice of your supervisor and Head of School. Only then can a new due date be assigned with the additional days taken into account.

Abstract/summary, the abstract or summary should summarise the appropriate headings, aims, scope and conclusion of the thesis in about 250 words, but no more than 700 words. Seminars are generally restricted in the number of participants, so you should check how to register for a seminar, (i.e. Master's Thesis (20 credits the final work of your studies is the Master's thesis, an original scholarly paper. Format, english and German are allowed as an official language of a thesis. Please find out more about the topics and contents of the courses at the web pages of the professors. You should also ensure all references cited in the text are listed in the bibliography. You will also find which courses are mandatory for you, which courses will count as Electives and further options to complete your degree. The word limit counts footnotes and endnotes but excludes appendices, tables and illustrative matter. Authorship Declaration, main text, bibliography or references, appendices. Your final GPA will be calculated as a simple average of your grades.