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would mean a radically different social commitment and priorities than we see in our current national agenda. Sterling Drug, Inc., 506.E.2d 919, 921 (N.Y. But her charge raises the right sort of question: what kind of moral theory, consequentialism essay on industrial safety or deontology, is best suited to account for moral duties to future people? So it appears that this futurity problem, at least, does not call for a new kind of ethical theory. However, on topics where the legislature has been silent, judges are free to create and revise the common law. Of County of Wayne, 357.E.2d 246, 251 (W.V. The destructive power of technological civilization has convinced him that if we have no moral duty to safeguard mans future existence, moral duties to future people will lack a foundation.

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The further question what kind of sacrifices are morally required of us? Wood proffered his rule without analysis and cited apparently inapposite authority on its behalf. But judges routinely follow rules that are either nonsensical or antiquated, instead of doing what needs to be done to effectuate justice and fair play. Sticks out like a sore thumb why haven't legislatures ended at-will employments? Two citations omitted Plaintiff argues that a trend has emerged in the courts of other States to temper what is perceived as the unfairness of the traditional rule by allowing a cause of action in tort to redress abusive discharges. With us, the rule is inflexible that.

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