mucoadhesive microspheres thesis

filler combination with talc and calcium carbonate on paper properties/printability Pages 511-516 yuan-shing perng, eugene I-chen wang, YUE-JOE. Lake and john. Teli Contents Synthesis, characterization and properties of acetylated high-amylose corn starch Pages 929-938 SUN MIN, tang hongbo and LI yanping Contents Preparation and characterization of hemicellulose-based printable films Pages 939-948 ruoxi MA, alexandra pekarovicova, paul. Sarwar Jahan and. Verestiuc Contents Viscose-barium titanate composites for electromagnetic shielding Pages 621-628 razvan rotaru, cristian peptu and valeria harabagiu Contents Influence of accelerated weathering on the performance of polylactic acid based materials Pages 629-635 iuliana spiridon, raluca nicoleta darie nita, marek kozlowski, ancuta nechita and ramona gabriela. Tichagwa Contents Identification of factors influencing the maximum flexure of beech wood plasticized by microwave heating Pages 573-581 miroslav gasparik and milan gaff Contents Kraft pulping combined with green liquor pre-extraction of beech wood Pages 583-593 maria fiserova, elena opalena and marta maholanyiova Contents Kraft. GAD EL RAB Contents Enhanced antipyretic activity of new 2,5-substituted 1,3,4- oxadiazoles encapsulated in alginate/gelatin particulated systems Pages 19-25 corina cheptea,. Popa Contents Lignin blends with polyurethane-containing lactate segments. Rypstra Contents Rapeseed stalks for papermaking: Studies on pulping, refining and dewatering Pages 833-839 roberto aguado, ANA moral, pere mutje and antonio tijero Contents Alkaline-sulfite/anthraquinone (AS/AQ) pulping of old corrugated container and elemental chlorine free (ECF) bleaching of the pulp Pages 841-846 majid shafiei and. Snima, unni AKK, shantikumar. Properties of hydrate cellulose films Pages 585-592 Nina. Part I Pages 61-68 angela casarica, gheorghe campeanu, misu moscovici, alexandra ghiorghita, vasilica manea Contents Study of grafted silver nanoparticle containing durable antibacterial bamboo rayon Pages 69-75.

Stan and catalina. Saberikhah Contents Volume 47 (2013) Issue 5-6 - Volume 47, Issue 5-6 May-June Mathematical modeling in electrospinning process of nanofibers: A detailed review Pages 323-338. Badawy Contents Preparation of thiolfunctionalized cellulose and its application to the removal of Hg(II) from water environment Pages 559-567 ZHI zhang, yinglan CAO, lina chen and zhiyong huang Contents Determination of influential factors in reactive dye wash-off process using Plackett-Burman experimental design Pages 569-577 iulia. Pages 169-174 irina BOZ, elvira gille, radu necula, simona dunca and mariamagdalena zamfirache Contents Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of cellulose to ethanol by ionic liquid pretreatment Pages 175-179 zhen LIU, dianjia zhao and WEI QIN Contents Improved enzymatic hydrolysis of tobacco stalk by steam explosion. Pages 501-503, contents, efficiency and safety of microporous polysaccharide hemispheres from potato starch in brain surgery.

Jiang Contents Chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogels for entrapment of drug loaded liposomes Pages 485-494 bogdan. Mattoso Contents Hydrophobic functionalization of cellulosic substrates using atmospheric pressure plasma Pages 745-754 kartick. Haghi Contents Microscopic study of lime wood decayed by Chaetomium globosum Pages 565-569 Carmen-Mihaela Popescu, Carmen Mihaela Tibirna,. Valchev and dimitar. Popa Contents Ethanol-water fractionation of sugar cane bagasse catalyzed with acids Pages 271-279 Cristina. Waxs, 13 CP/MAS NMR, ftir and SEM studies of samples regenerated from the solutions Pages 643-651. Haghi Contents Thermal degradation of lignin - A review Pages 353-363. Teli Contents Preparation of Ag/ZnO-coated cotton fabrics with UV-blocking and antibacterial properties Pages 475-484 JAE-UK KIM, myoung-seon gong and jong-GYU KIM Contents Adsorption of Cr (VI) by cellulose adsorbent prepared using ionic liquid as green homogeneous reaction medium Pages 485-494 YAN HAO, zhenpeng CUI, HUI. Pages 633-643 paunka.