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early 1950s, Wayland became the first 4-year collegiate program in history to provide 13 full scholarships annually to a women's collegiate team. When a run on the banks during the Great Depression threatened to close the school, the administration and faculty agreed to forgo pay to continue the task of educating students, trusting God to supply their needs. Beginning with the 1950-51 season, the Wayland Team became the first women's basketball team to fly to all away games, as Claude and Wilda Hutcherson, owners of Hutcherson Flying Service, picked up sponsorship of the team and flew the team to away games in Hutcherson. 33 For 18 years under the coaching leadership of Redin, the team won 431 games against only 66 losses. 10 17 The nwit faded in prominence when the ncaa and naia assumed governance for women's basketball and was discontinued conclusion paragraph analysis essay in 1996.

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essay total eclipse

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On average, 20 to 30 students graduate with degrees from the school each year. School of Behavioral and Social Sciences School of Business School of Education School of Fine Arts School of Languages and Literature School of Math and Sciences School of Music School of Religion and Philosophy University Police edit The Wayland Police Department is the primary law. Hutcherson became enamored with the team, and became a major sponsor, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the team. The men's teams were very successful, making the naia postseason tournament three separate years. The trustees voted to reverse their position. Air Force Brigadier General Barry Loudermilk,.S. Redin served in the Marine Air Corp in wwii, logging 50 combat missions over the South Pacific. 28 In 1961, the Wayland board of trustees voted unanimously to eliminate women's basketball. 105106 Su 2002,. . Nineteen Flying Queens have played in fiba World Championships. 25 When Hutcherson Air Service became a full sponsor of the team, they began calling the team the Hutcherson Flying Queens. "Before UConn, There Was Wayland - m".

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