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an interview Pol Pot said, I came to carry out the struggle, not to kill people, he told his questioner. Reference Copied to Clipboard. China supported Sihanouk publicly throughout his reign as king and president, but radical parties in the government supported the inner circle of the Communist Party of Kampuchea. All Khmer Rouge soldiers swore to obey his every order, and all who disobeyed the government were put to death.

Shortly after its independence in 1954, Cambodia felt the pull of the superpowers. Pol Pot was born SalothSar, in March of 1925, in a little fishing village called PrekSbav, in the Kampong Thom province, at that time when Cambodia was under the rule of French Indochina.

From the mid 1960s, Cambodia became more and more entangled in the regional war. Anyone who would oppose his regime orwas suspected what does dialogue add to an essay of being a spy, or as the Khmer Rouge used to call them, enemies of the people(UliSchmetzer, 1997 were to be sent there. The events that took place from (1975 to 1979 by Pol Pot and his radical communist regime the Khmer Rouge, was believed to be one of the worlds worst genocides of the 20th century. The population of the Eastern Cambodian Zone, bordering Vietnam, was said to have been contaminated by Vietnamese influence. I wish to see him in handcuffs. This led to him losing his scholarship, and traveling back to Cambodia.

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