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to an analysis and investigation of relations and sequences. An American college ought to be the seat of all the learning which would be of value to an American man in the American life of to-day. In the latter fact biology and sociology touch. Herodotus reports that each man had but one wife, like the Greeks, but Diodorus says that only priests were restricted to one.

Ischomachus, supposed to be Xenophon, gives a rhetorical and artificial statement. It is evident that men love war; when two hundred thousand men in the United States volunteer in a month for a war with Spain which appeals to no sense of wrong against their country, and to no other strong sentiment of human nature, when. Wilderness does not exist; all of it has been influenced by humans at some time. If his assurances are to be trusted, we are paying 20,000,000 for the privilege of tutoring tile Tagals up to liberty and self-government. A college which is a refuge for mere academicians, threshing over the straw of a dead learning, is no better than a monastery. It is never true, because it is absolute, and the affairs of men are all conditioned and relative. Many of these men must be regarded with pity because their mental powers have been miseducated for years, and when they try to acquire something, to make it their own, to turn it into a concise and correct statement and utter it again, they cannot. It is easy to have prosperity where a few men have a great continent to exploit.