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for the withdrawal of both.S. Massacres in the Quang Ngai province In the aftermath of My Lai, more atrocity stories came to light, many told by GIs and veterans themselves. . Support for authoritarian regimes around the world, the propensity to intervene in other countries through proxy forces, the quest for Pax Americana, and the lavishing of taxpayer funds on the military to the detriment of human needs. The events drew 75,000 in Boston, 40,000 in New York, 25,000 in Chicago, and 20,000 in San Francisco. . The starving to death in a cage of a Vietnamese woman who was suspected of being a part of the local political education cadre in one of the local villages. 131 Other misconceptions attending.S. Normally a rice exporter, South Vietnam had to import 725,000 tons of rice in 1967. . Bombing mission of North Vietnam in December 1972: I was just overwhelmed with this horror this utter, total, unbelievable horror that human beings could do this. The Vietnamese people have a long history of resistance to foreign rule. Close to one-half of potential inductees young South Vietnamese men were avoiding service in the arvn and the rate of desertion of arvn soldiers had climbed to 11,000 per month. .

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Sally Denton, The Profiteers: Bechtel and the Men Who Built the World (New York: Simon Schuster, 2016. Two months later, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (aaas) declared that recent research showing birth deformities in experimental animals supported the conclusion that 2,4,5-T posed a probable health threat to humans. . 117 Young, The Vietnam Wars,. Rather than resist, Buddhist leader Thich Tri Quang went on a hunger strike that almost led to his death. . 6, 1965: (L-R) Tom Cornell, Marc Edelman, Roy Lisker, David McReynolds, and Jim Wilson burned their draft cards at Union Square, New York City,.

379 DeBenedetti, An American Ordeal,. Of State John Foster Dulles upon arriving in Washington in May 1957 When Diem visited the United States in May 1957, President Eisenhower praised him as the miracle man of Asia and applauded the remarkable achievements of South Vietnam since 1954. . 72-84, and Archimedes Patti, Why Vietnam?

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