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like this: fullAddress address. Author: AkyJoe /Email: email protected function add_author_bio if (is_single? The usual way to do this is to put the following lines before The Loop in your template file:?php curauth (isset GET'author_name? Navigate to, thesis Custom File Editor, select s file and copy paste the below code snippet very carefully. There are many ways that you can modify the look of your author pages. Zip; Use the, gravatar tutorial to add the authors avatar. p /div?php 'add_author_bio Now that we have added the author bio code, next we will have to style author bio by CSS code. a /h4 p?php the_author_firstname? This is can be done, by adding an image of the author add adding a short bio about author, like you can see in the screenshot below. p?php endif;?!- End Loop - /ul /div?php get_sidebar??php get_footer? Make sure you take full backup of custom_p file using FTP before modifying.

P p p That is, if you do not have an p file, WordPress will check for p, and. Further Reading Related Template Hierarchy : Category Templates, Tag Templates, Taxonomy Templates, Page Templates, Post Type Templates, Author Templates, Date Templates, Search Templates, 404 Templates, Attachment Templates, Loop Templates See also index of Function Reference and index of Template Tags. h2 ul!- The Loop -?php if ( have_posts ) : while ( have_posts ) : the_post?

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All of these come from the WordPress user editing screen: curauth- what to write in a study abroad essay aim; curauth- description; curauth- display_name; curauth- first_name; curauth- ID; curauth- jabber; curauth- last_name; curauth- nickname; curauth- user_email; curauth- user_login; curauth- user_nicename; curauth- user_registered; curauth- user_url; curauth- yim; These work the same way as the. h2 dl dt Website /dt dd a href"?php echo curauth- user_url;? Mint Social recently hired me to build a custom author page that they could use for themselves and their clients. Author BIO after post in Thesis. Comments have been disabled as this is no longer maintained.

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