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works conducted by the municipality, the results presented for a specific year (say, 2009 will be held redundant or of limited value in 2015. The Introduction in Lewis Wolpert's book, The Unnatural Nature of Science (Biol Sc and Ipswich: Q175.W737 gives a good example of what a useful outline looks like.). Make suggestions for future research (these often come out of identified methodological weaknesses, but it could be that your research has revealed yet more complexity and unanswered questions that need investigating). Description of the research work, keeping in mind the limitations and difficulties, identify the precise architecturally relevant area and extent of research that is attempted by you. What is the significance or implications of the results? The project site may or may not be a live project but should definitely be suitable for the chosen project. How often do they occur? Note also that abstracts play a critical role in determining whether someone reads on, and so deserve to be well written. (Because of these reasons or observations, I'm going to do this, as opposed to: I am going to do this because of these reasons.). Compare, contrast and integrate your results with the findings of other studies. DON'T Interpret or offer any explanations for the results although you can say whether the data support or contradict any of your hypotheses.

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The question here is that how many students or researchers understand what is to be included in the scope of the study and what is the significance of the same.
Thesis title: Development of a Source Material in Food Dehydration Craft Technology for the Secondary Schools The primary objective is to develop a course outline complementing the present high school subjects offering and preparation of a manual of procedures that will serve as a guideline.
It is important to narrow down your thesis topic and limit the scope of your study.

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Implications for practice are discussed.". (The thesis assessors want to be assured that you didn't simply collect as much data as you possibly could that might have been useful and then hoped for the introduction of mass media essay best. Should broadly indicate the existing drawbacks and why further research is required to eliminate the drawbacks and find new architectural solutions. You can enumerate those technical challenges one has to address to solve the problems/drawbacks posed herein to place emphasis on the quality of the research work. But if this is the case, then it is important to make it clear to the reader what the point of a long review is! If the introduction is brief, then provide only the broad motivation (e.g. So it requires extra time, investment and resources to refine the results.

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