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a gender-affirmative model for transgender youth September 20, 2018, APA Monitor on Psychology A growing number of individuals disclosing their transgender identities underscores the need for competent care for this population. Psychologists share tips for paying off student loans September 17, 2018, PracticeUpdate newsletter Tackling debt at the start of a career can pay off in the long run, experienced psychologists say. Global conversations on psychology September 11, 2018, Psychology International Silvia Koller, PhD, discusses her work with street children in Brazil, internationalizing psychology and her hopes for the field. News from APA 2018: Texting? In gut we trust when it comes to choices September 10, 2018, APA press release Decisions recruiting gut feelings seen as reflection of true self, more assuredly held, study says APA plans international learning program in Tanzania September 7, 2018, International The International Learning Partner. News from APA 2018: Can psychedelic drugs heal? APA identifies warning signs of suicide September 10, 2018, APA Psychology Topics section Losing interest in work or school, giving away beloved possessions or withdrawing from friends can be signs someone is thinking of suicide. 4 questions for William Stixrud bvzaaacqyyewuryebrcwayb September 28, 2018, Monitor on Psychology The clinical neuropsychologist explains why parents should be more consultant, less helicopter to protect their kids mental health. September 25, 2018, APA Monitor on Psychology More than a third of recipients graduate with more than 30,000 of debt. 30 August 24, 2018, Office of International Affairs The International Learning Partner Program is open to psychologists and graduate students of psychology. October 4, 2018, APA Press Release, urges president to sign measure to improve prevention, treatment, recovery.

Appic essay 3
appic essay 3

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New CE course: Incorporating Technology into Clinical Practice August 27, 2018, Press Releases The goal of this training is to provide important knowledge, skills and experience for psychologists who are interested in using telepsychology and technology in their work. October 3, 2018, Speaking of Psychology podcast, smartphones are often negatively affecting our attention spans, relationships, sleep and mental health - but what if they could also be used to monitor our mental health and wellbeing? Education blog news roundup September 14, 2018, Psych Learning Curve Helping students with academic stress, what to do when there is a mental health crisis in your dorm and more. APA continues work on tricare contract issues September 26, 2018, Practice Central Serving those who serve: An update on tricare advocacy. Education blog news roundup September 28, 2018, Psych Learning Curve American girls read and write better than boys, parents leery of schools requiring 'mental health' disclosures and more. APA Federal Action Network issues August update August 3, 2018, Federal Action Network newsletter Highlights include: Call for legislation addressing the opioid epidemic; Minority Fellowship Program fells share virtues of MFP with Congress; NIH announces one-year delay in implementation of clinical trials policy; and more. American girls read and write better than boys, study says September 20, 2018, Press Releases Gender gap appears as early as fourth grade, widens with age. APA launches video on race-related stress August 22, 2018, Press Release First in series bringing psychological american university app essay science to dialogues on race.

Education news blog August 10, 2018, Psych Learning Curve Kids need play and recess, 10 things to do before your college student leaves and more in this weeks news roundup. 30 August 16, 2018, APA Office of International Affairs The International Learning Partner Program is open to psychologists and graduates students of psychology who are interested in building professional collaborations with colleagues in the Caribbean. August 9, 2018, APA Press Release Psychologists explore potential benefits of hallucinogens for mental health disorders. Helping Vietnam vets cope with suicidal tendencies September 28, 2018, Psychology Benefits Society As our Vietnam veteran population ages, many may become increasingly vulnerable for death by suicide.

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