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her. Whereas before she literally ate the same things on a weekly rotation, she tries octopus with Joe no longer there to stifle new things. This shows that she makes a joke out of things to make it less worrying. Voiceovers help us understand that Shirleys change when invited into her private world. Shirley Valentine is trapped. Thats where Shirley Valentine disappeared. With dynamic characters, satire and insights that reflect not only on the storyline but to the decisions someone might make in their own life, Shirley Valentine is both a play with powerful messages as well as applications. Shirley questioning this concept not only proposes the same one to the audience and what leads people to live the lives they lead but lends itself to the value of using it as well. When Shirley describes her in a voiceover she says Jane is a feminist. The dramatic technique is very effective as we are not left guessing like we are in other films. She even struggles to say something as easy as she was going on holiday to Greece.

Russells life experiences have an effect on the play, as his life experiences caused him to have many views which are shown through the play through the similarities. Whereas in contrast to Greece she was wearing brightly coloured, revealing clothes because she has regained her confidence now that she does not have Joe to oppress her and put her down. When Shirley goes home to her dull life we see her speaking to her husband.

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This shows us that both she and Joe used to be a spontaneous and fun-loving couple, before they changed into a stereotypical domestic couple. This is much more effective than having the play in a chronological order. This also contributes as a catalyst towards Shirley having the confidence to leave Joe and go to Greece. The colours of the opening cartoon back the idea of the boring lifestyle, with its dull blues and grey monochrome colours, it creates a vibe of unhappiness and dreariness even before the movie starts. We are now aware that she regrets her life and sympathise with her as her friend. Russell leaves the audience with his views on society which are shown through the character Shirley. The opening credits show Shirley drawn in grey and blue monochrome, dull figures; this reflects Shirleys life as a dull working housewife, as you later on will see in the film. The effect of having flashbacks is to help the audience understand how Shirley got to being how she is today, and what influenced her decisions in life today.e. In relation to her school nemesis Marjory Majors Shirley comments that despite bullying her, all the time she wanted to be just like her: smart and well regarded by teachers. The way Shirley Valentine stands out and is different to other Kitchen sink dramas is due to the many dramatic techniques which are used throughout it, which arent used in kitchen sink dramas.

Shirley is no longer a sad, disappointed woman but is now the women who can and has taken charge of her future. For her, the look on the dogs face when it tastes meat for the first time justifies the trouble she will have to put up with at home, when she serves anything but the accustomed meat. We know this because we are now seeing her drawn into her miserable life of being a housewife. When Shirley goes against one of the rules her husband has given her about cooking eggs and steak by cooking eggs and chips she says Its the Eleventh Commandment.

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