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as effective at collaborating with others to assess and arrive at judgments in regards to beliefs. Other perspectives edit, a number of critical responses to Mezirow's theory of transformative learning have emerged over the years. In transactional education, it is recognized that the student has valuable experiences, and learns best through experience, inquiry, critical thinking and interaction with other learners. How-to guides and help documents are also available 24-hours a day on the. In improving teaching it is less important to find new reinforcers than to design better contingencies using those already available. For children pta essay who tend to orbit as a way of maintaining control of their bodies, it is wise to avoid large open spaces, which can easily turn into dead space. Theres not always that luxury (to go outside)we used a wheelchair ramp that was in the school and we would move up and down the wheelchair ramp doing relay races. 40 As this professional development occurs, educators critically examine the assumptions that underlie their practice, the consequences to their assumptions, and develop alternative perspectives on their practice. 7, since then, the theory has evolved "into a comprehensive and complex description of how learners construe, validate, and reformulate the meaning of their experience." 8, for learners to change their meaning schemes (specific beliefs, attitudes, and emotional reactions "they must engage in critical reflection. 5 The role of the learner involves actively participating in discourse. They may need help in directing their attention to sensory information that will allow them to interact more effectively (Ayres, 2005).

49 Evidence is emerging on the applicability of transformative theory in new educational programmes, in business and industry education, health professional education, community education such as courses offered by ymca, and informal settings such as self-help groups. Nurturing soul in adult education. 21 Grieving, considered by Boyd to be the most critical phase of the discernment process, takes place when an individual realizes that old patterns or ways of perceiving are no longer relevant, moves to adopt or establish new ways, and finally integrates old and new. Dirkx describes our emotions and feelings as a kind of language for helping us learn about ourselves, our relationships with others and how we makes sense of all aspects of our experiences, both objective and subjective. 31 In the first, knowledge is transmitted from teacher to student. A question that we might ask ourselves is what did I do that led to the outcome? If mediating devices have not been set up, if the student is not automatically reinforced for knowing that he knows, he then stops working, and the aversive by-product of not-knowing pile. 43 Strategies for transformative professional development edit Strategies for transformative professional development include action plans, reflective activities, case studies, curriculum development, and critical-theory discussions. 5 The educator must encourage equal participation among students in discourse.

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